The Sunflower Social Business Model

social business model - the sunflower

Originally posted on Social Media Explorer In order to tap into the true potential of social media, businesses will have to make a cultural investment â€" and begin the process of evolving into social organizations. This integration of social communication within/across organizational ecosystems is becoming a more tangible possibly as companies and non-profits begin to embrace emerging technology while developing more strategic approaches to social media. There has been some great thinking and model development in the area of social business design. David Armano developed a compelling Hive Mind Visual during his time at the Dachis … [Read more...]

The Social Media Engagement Funnel

social media funnel

This visual is inspired by an engagement funnel developed by Jason Falls over at Social Media Explorer. I like the addition of the "Loyalist". Don't make the assumption that everyday customers/members will become ambassador for your brand - what are you doing to recognize/care for your customers to pave the way for them to become advocates? Back to Main Blog … [Read more...]

How Social Media Turns Customer Service into Marketing

customer service is the new marketing

This visual was inspired by a great post written by Teresa Basich over the Radian 6 Blog: Customer Service is the New Marketing Social media has the power to magnify every customer experience. Whether it's in-store, on the phone or online, each individual customer service interaction now becomes a marketing opportunity. Social media has spread the "service" role across the organization - Procurement, Distribution, HR, Sales, Operations, Management, Ownership - every employee in every department is now charged with the role of   nurturing customer relationships. Back to Main Blog … [Read more...]