Digital Marketing Relevance

Digital Marketing Relevance Bulls Eye

Relevant marketing communication offers your community value. Optimal communication takes place when when a marketer can deliver the a relevant message to a relevant audience in a relevant location at a relevant time. How can you become more relevant? Originally posted on Social Media Explorer … [Read more...]

19 Social Media Best Practices [Video]

A series of social media best practices are highlighted through the use of visuals and infographics. Back to Main Blog … [Read more...]

Social Media Connection vs. Engagement

social media connection vs engagement

Your organization's number of Facebook fans, Twitter followers or blog subscribers doesn't mean much - the asset lies in the size of your engaged audience. Just because you have a huge network, doesn't mean you have a community. In order to fuel word of mouth and nurture advocacy, organizations need to: Invest resources in learning about the information needs and online behaviour patterns of their audiences. Develop pilot projects that test ways to harness and engage influencers. Thanks to Mitch Joel for the inspiration - Check out his post: You're Connected But are You Engaging? Back to Main Blog … [Read more...]

Social Media Relevance

social media business value

The more relevant your social media communication  (right person + right content + right channel + right time), the greater the opportunity to build a community and increase business value. Thanks to Michael Brito over at Edelman for the inspiration - check out his post about how relevant content drives business value. Back to Main Blog … [Read more...]

Brand Campfires

brand campfires

I love the campfire analogy presented by Spike Jones over at Fleishman-Hillard. It's so easy to get caught up in the numbers game and misinterpret the actual value of the followers and fans you've amassed on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Take the time to understand and nurture relationships with the folks that are actively interested in what you're doing. Don't just collect a bunch of names across various channels. Back to Main Blog … [Read more...]

Social Media House of Cards

social media house of cards

Social Media is not a solution for organizations with major infrastructure issues. If anything, social media marketing will be the weight that exposes cracks in leadership, culture, product quality, customer service, etc. Thanks to David Armano for the inspiration - check out his post on how infrastructure is at the core of most organizational issues. Back to Main Blog … [Read more...]

7 Reasons to Launch an Internal Blog Before Going Public

Internal Blog

Originally posted on Social Media Explorer. When we talk about a corporate blog, the first thing that likely comes to mind is a public facing channel where organizations connect with external audiences. What about internal blogs? There is a lot of learning and risk associated with launching a public facing blog including audience analysis, content strategy, the use of tools, the development of guidelines, understanding best practices and developing implementation discipline. An employee-only blog presents organizations with the opportunity to soft launch their public facing initiative - offering up the ability to develop strategy, … [Read more...]

What Would Happen if You Took a Break from Social Media?

the social media conveyor

Originally posted on Social Media Explorer Every once in a while we have the opportunity to read or view something that stops us in our tracks. Scott Stratten's recent Oakville TEDx talk, Keep going until you stop, qualifies (an absolute must see). Scott's talk prompted me to take a deeper look at a couple of things around our evolving relationship with technology and its impact on our ability to be genuinely engaged. The love affair with social media can be a doubled-edged sword, both an investment and a cost. Once you step on the social media conveyor it's pretty easy to just keep going, hyper connected 24/7/365. But to what end? How … [Read more...]

Is it Time to Move Social Media off the Corner of Your Desk?

managing social media from the corner of your desk

Originally posted on Social Media Explorer One of the biggest challenges organizations face when it comes to social media is social capacity - the degree to which they can effectively engage in social media discovery, strategy, implementation and management. In order to build out programs in a financially efficient manner, some businesses adopt an "off the corner of the desk" approach - where existing employees take on social media responsibilities in addition to their regular job tasks. As social media takes root, some level of success is attained and value becomes established, another challenge begins to presents itself - deciding … [Read more...]

Social Media Network Quality vs Quantity

the value of niche social media networks

When planning your social media outreach strategy, don't discount the power of building niche networks - often they can present greater value than traditional mass channels. Back to Main Blog … [Read more...]