Social Media Strategy Learning Curve and Framework

social media strategy framework

Originally posted on Social Media Explorer It can be difficult for organizations to see the strategic big picture when it comes to social media, especially if they are focusing all their energy on tools and tactics. Questions abound … How does social media investment relate to business value? What are the real costs? What impact does social media strategy have on organizational culture? What kind of strategic thinking do businesses or non-profits need to embrace? What do leaders need to understand about the social media adoption curve as it relates to the evolution of the company? This high level framework is designed to illustrate … [Read more...]

The Politics of Social Media ROI

the politics of social media ROI

This visual illustrates the way I describe opposing Social ROI "parties" to clients. My personal opinion is that metrics are important. But I also believe that not everything you do needs to have a firm number attached to it to make it beneficial to your business. This most recent point was pounded home in a classic Social ROI rant by David Meerman Scott. Two things David said really resonated with me: Most companies don't measure ROI (actual return on investment) with their existing marketing programs. For example, how many organizations know the real return of print ads, PR campaigns, press releases, trade shows, brochures, … [Read more...]