Using MBTI® to Build Effective Social Media Teams

social media wheel of fortune

As social media starts to weave itself into the fiber of corporate culture, companies are beginning to recognize the need to make organizational changes in order to evolve as social businesses. One area where this is gaining importance is Human Resources. The emergence of new social media roles and how they are integrated into the structure of an organization can have a huge impact on the success of social business initiatives. As businesses begin to experiment with assembling social media teams some will leverage existing employees, using a corner of the desk approach to gradually embed learning and build capacity, while others will look … [Read more...]

Social Media Strategy Learning Curve and Framework

social media strategy framework

Originally posted on Social Media Explorer It can be difficult for organizations to see the strategic big picture when it comes to social media, especially if they are focusing all their energy on tools and tactics. Questions abound … How does social media investment relate to business value? What are the real costs? What impact does social media strategy have on organizational culture? What kind of strategic thinking do businesses or non-profits need to embrace? What do leaders need to understand about the social media adoption curve as it relates to the evolution of the company? This high level framework is designed to illustrate … [Read more...]

The Sunflower Social Business Model

social business model - the sunflower

Originally posted on Social Media Explorer In order to tap into the true potential of social media, businesses will have to make a cultural investment â€" and begin the process of evolving into social organizations. This integration of social communication within/across organizational ecosystems is becoming a more tangible possibly as companies and non-profits begin to embrace emerging technology while developing more strategic approaches to social media. There has been some great thinking and model development in the area of social business design. David Armano developed a compelling Hive Mind Visual during his time at the Dachis … [Read more...]

Malcolm Gladwell & The Future of Social Media

The future of social media - Strong Ties

Malcolm Gladwell's keynote at the recent F5 Conference was thought provoking - He offered a unique perspective that was a refreshing change from the "dreamy" sensibility that can exist when you get a group of social media types together. Given the audience, it would have been easy to wax poetic about social media, get everybody to hold hands, sing kumbaya and call it a night. Gladwell's talk was compelling and a bit of a wake up call. He wove in stories about Obama's post election popularity decline, Fidel Castro and the election uprising in Iran to illustrate his point that social media is not currently positioned to fuel revolution and … [Read more...]

How to Scale a Social Media Program

scaling social media

The only way to scale a social media program is to invest time and labour. Time to develop a strategy, listen, understand your audience, earn trust and build a community. People to create content, develop individual relationships and enable community support. Success doesn't depend on the tools, but rather in understanding the cultural investment that is required to build a social business. Back to Main Blog … [Read more...]

Front Line Social Media Impact

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I just finished reading Seth Godin's latest book, Linchpin. One thing that caught my attention with respect to social media and social business culture was Seth's reference to the "front line". To paraphrase: The closer employees are to the consumer "front line", the more impact they have on social media. Using social tools, employees on the front line have the power to: Fuel positive customer experiences that build brand equity OR Create negative content that can cause irreparable brand damage Fear of the latter sends some organizations scrambling to implement policies that ban all use of social media in the workplace. I … [Read more...]