Social Media Capacity

social media capacity

One of the first things an entrepreneur or organization needs to consider with respect to social media strategy is social capacity. What are your true capabilities when it comes to   engaging in social media? 3 Factors That Affect Social Capacity Culture Is your organization passionate about their stakeholders and do you believe that audience engagement has value? Does you organization see social media as an opportunity or a waste of time? Is your culture built on open communication or hoarding information? Culture has a lot to do with your ability to plan and execute a successful social media program - Trying to launch a … [Read more...]

A Day in the Social Media Life of Chris Brogan


Chris Brogan is a busy guy... Average Emails per Day - 590 Untargeted press releases - 48 Bacn (look it up; anniversary of the term is tomorrow) - 114 Requests for help/ideas - 171 Friends - 49 Interview requests - 27 Project-related mail - 54 Other Communication: Average Direct Messages on Twitter per Day - 210 (up from 180) Average Text Messages a Day - 52 Average # of Phone Calls a Day - 19 Average Books/Products sent to my Home/Business (per week): 8 Average Paper Mail (personal) sent to me (per week): 3 How Chris spends his time (less accurate, may not add up but presume overlap): Typical … [Read more...]

The Social Media Brand Engagement Curve


This social media visual was inspired by two Shane Gibson tweets: Social Media Tip: Shortening the engagement curve is about being top of mind faster Social Media Tip: Using more than one channel/stream shortens your brand engagement curve I agree with the Shane's engagement strategy. However, it's also important to be mindful of return on time invested. There are so many channels available - figure out your social media objectives and engage in as many platforms that make sense. My main social media channels are Wordpress, Linkedin, Twitter, Flickr and Slideshare - and I dabble in Facebook and Youtube. What is your social … [Read more...]

Social Media ROI


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Social media is intangible - how do you quantify the ROI of online social tools that are based on human networks and one-to-one (micro) interactions? Vancouver based consultant, blogger and author, Shane Gibson, recently posted a great podcast that discusses 26 ways to measure social media ROI. Being Social What resonates with me is the connection between online social networking and being social in your physical community. Some people ignore or abandon social media because of its digital nature - … [Read more...]