Crap + SEO = Optimized Crap


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Performing search engine optimization on a crap-filled site just makes it slightly less crappy." (David Meerman Scott) Source: SEO and Your Crap Filled Site (Web Ink Now) BACK TO MAIN BLOG … [Read more...]

FREE is Recession Proof


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In times of economic uncertainty are internet users less likely to trade a permission asset i.e. name. phone number, email address, etc. for content? In a recent study conducted by Marketing Sherpa, 64% of paid content web publishers were either experiencing or expecting to feel the effects of the recent downturn in the economy. Trends and user attitudes affecting paid content may also be applicable to gated content. I think we all know that cash flow starts to tighten in a negative economy, but how about information flow? When the economy is … [Read more...]