8 Step Social Media Strategy

8 Step Social Media Strategy Inforgraphic

This post was originally published on Social Media Explorer Although social media continues to thread its way into the fibre of more and more organizations, my experience is that many small to mid-sized companies are still lagging behind when it comes to the development and implementation of their social media strategy. A recent study by the Altimeter Group might suggest otherwise, stating that “most companies feel they have fairly coherent social strategies”, but given the advanced nature of the sample i.e. social strategists, large organizations, etc. my sense is that the findings may not represent the experiences of the majority … [Read more...]

The Social Media Advocacy Model

Advocacy Model

Originally posted on Social Media Explorer In theory, as social media becomes more common place, organizational audience engagement objectives, strategies and tactics should evolve past acquisition towards advocacy. I’m sure some consumer brands are heading in this direction but, in my experience, many companies and agencies still seem to be focused on driving audience awareness and using “likes” and “follows” as success metrics. To spark some discussion on the topic I thought it might be helpful to present an encapsulated view of advocacy. This infographic aims to present advocacy at a glance, explaining where it sits on the … [Read more...]

The Path to Building Online Trust

the path to building online trust

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Facebook Strategy Snakes and Ladders

Facebook Strategy Snakes and Ladders Infographic

Over the last couple of years strategies for using Facebook to connect with your audience, market your business and manage your brand have evolved beyond simply posting content to your wall. Here’s an old school look at the Dos and Don’ts of managing your organization or brand’s Facebook page. Roll the dice and see where you land – and please feel free to drop by the comments and let me know your thoughts on what squares you would add. Originally posted on Social Media Explorer … [Read more...]

The Value of Digital Motivation

digital action vs time spent

As a marketer, your audience's motivation for using a digital channel is more relevant than the amount of time they spend there. Social media is an important piece of the marketing puzzle but it's only ONE piece - when it comes to developing a digital marketing plan, make sure to understand how your audience behaves online and mix in different strategies and channels accordingly. Back to Main Blog … [Read more...]