The Politics of Social Media ROI

the politics of social media ROI

This visual illustrates the way I describe opposing Social ROI "parties" to clients. My personal opinion is that metrics are important. But I also believe that not everything you do needs to have a firm number attached to it to make it beneficial to your business. This most recent point was pounded home in a classic Social ROI rant by David Meerman Scott. Two things David said really resonated with me: Most companies don't measure ROI (actual return on investment) with their existing marketing programs. For example, how many organizations know the real return of print ads, PR campaigns, press releases, trade shows, brochures, … [Read more...]

Crap + SEO = Optimized Crap


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Performing search engine optimization on a crap-filled site just makes it slightly less crappy." (David Meerman Scott) Source: SEO and Your Crap Filled Site (Web Ink Now) BACK TO MAIN BLOG … [Read more...]

The New Marketing


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I took some time recently to listen to a great social media marketing podcast by David Meerman Scott, Paul Gillin and Mike Lewis. The idea that I found really intriguing, particularly from a small business marketing perspective, was "brand journalism". Brand Journalism and The Dynamics of New Marketing Before the web, companies had to either buy advertising or convince journalists to write about their products or services (many organizations still use this approach). One component of New Marketing focuses on brand journalism - the idea that … [Read more...]

2.5 Ways to Improve Small Business Customer Service

Great customer service is one of of the pillars that supports a successful small business. Offering great service to your clients, prospects and vendors will help establish your reputation, build trust, create brand equity and fuel growth. What are the customer "pain points" when it comes to service? How can your small business become better at delivering a great service experience? "Pain Points"Global customer satisfaction research carried out by Accenture found that the following service issues were the most frustrating for consumers: Having to repeat information to multiple customer service representatives The … [Read more...]

Using “FREE” to Build Your Small Business Brand

By Mark Smiciklas I ended a recent post with the suggestion that all of your website content should be offered for free. I thought it would be a good idea to follow that statement up with some ideas and rationale on why free content helps create awareness and build brand equity. "Free" content is becoming more and more prevalent and is being embraced as a way to build sales by many companies, particularly in the software sector. It's not uncommon for many software applications to have a free version available - the idea being that offering free content will build brand awareness and result in upgrades and sales of more robust products. … [Read more...]