The Best Practice Paradox

Best Practice Paradox

Originally posted on Social Media Explorer Best practices are defined as methods or techniques that consistently garner results superior to those achieved using other means and/or a process of developing and following a standard way of doing things that multiple organizations can use (Wikipedia). When it comes to social media there are a plethora of standards, guidelines and case studies aimed at benchmarking the best way to do things across various digital channels. These best practices can be very effective in building a strategic and tactical foundation for your organization’s social media plan. Also, in a larger context, they … [Read more...]

The Social Media Path

social media critical path

"Influence" is the latest social media hot button topic. How does your organization become a significant member within the communities you serve? Brian Solis delves into this on a recent blog post: Social Media’s Critical Path: Relevance to Resonance to Significance. Your content is the currency that starts the relationship building process across social channels. The path of Relevance → Resonance → Significance needs to begin with a deep understanding of your audience's information needs - it's difficult to be relevant without knowing what's important to your community. Back to Main Blog … [Read more...]