Content Marketing Strategy Iceberg

content marketing strategy iceberg infographic

I had the opportunity to chat with Martin van der Roest from Content Marketing Examiner about the idea that “strategy has to guide implementation” in a content marketing initiative. An excerpt of the "Bridge Between Goals and Content Marketing Podcast" interview is posted below: “The strategy phase usually consists of me telling clients to stop what they are doing and take a couple of steps back and start thinking of things from a little different perspective.” Not exactly what you’d expect as a first step in strategy planning! Mark Smiciklas, of Intersection Consulting, is a firm believer that goals come before strategy; in … [Read more...]

The Best Practice Paradox

Best Practice Paradox

Originally posted on Social Media Explorer Best practices are defined as methods or techniques that consistently garner results superior to those achieved using other means and/or a process of developing and following a standard way of doing things that multiple organizations can use (Wikipedia). When it comes to social media there are a plethora of standards, guidelines and case studies aimed at benchmarking the best way to do things across various digital channels. These best practices can be very effective in building a strategic and tactical foundation for your organization’s social media plan. Also, in a larger context, they … [Read more...]

The Sunflower Social Business Model

social business model - the sunflower

Originally posted on Social Media Explorer In order to tap into the true potential of social media, businesses will have to make a cultural investment – and begin the process of evolving into social organizations. This integration of social communication within/across organizational ecosystems is becoming a more tangible possibly as companies and non-profits begin to embrace emerging technology while developing more strategic approaches to social media. There has been some great thinking and model development in the area of social business design. David Armano developed a compelling Hive Mind Visual during his time at the Dachis … [Read more...]