Internal Social Media Ecosystem

Internal Social Media Ecosystem

Originally posted on Social Media Explorer As social media becomes ubiquitous the business benefits of its use as an (external) audience engagement tool are becoming more widespread and tangible. As a result, more and more organizations are starting to look at leveraging social media dynamics internally. But what steps do you need to take in order to develop an internal social media initiative that will help you communicate and connect with employees? What does internal social media look like? This infographic uses a beehive metaphor to visualize an organization's internal social media ecosystem. The model was inspired by a study and … [Read more...]

The Social Media Advocacy Model

Advocacy Model

Originally posted on Social Media Explorer In theory, as social media becomes more common place, organizational audience engagement objectives, strategies and tactics should evolve past acquisition towards advocacy. I'm sure some consumer brands are heading in this direction but, in my experience, many companies and agencies still seem to be focused on driving audience awareness and using "likes" and "follows" as success metrics. To spark some discussion on the topic I thought it might be helpful to present an encapsulated view of advocacy. This infographic aims to present advocacy at a glance, explaining where it sits on the audience … [Read more...]

How to Integrate Buffer and Google Reader

Buffer 1

Originally posted on Social Media Explorer One of the most powerful dynamics of social media is the democratization of information. The more you can read, learn and share, the more value you should be able to extract from various digital channels. Tapping into Web 2.0 to stay educated and informed is a labour intensive proposition. The tools are free but your time comes at a cost, so the more efficiently you can mange the process the better. If you subscribe to a lot of blogs (and other RSS feeds) and invest time in sharing useful content with your audience this workflow will help you streamline the process. Before getting started … [Read more...]

A New Way to Look at Facebook Contests

facebook voting contest 1 300p

Originally posted on Social Media Explorer There seems to be strategic flaws with many of the ‘voting' contests hosted by brands on Facebook. On the surface, promotions are often deemed successful based on buzz and ‘likes'. But what about relevance? Awareness and acquisition are meaningful, but only if they are tied to the right audience. THE STATUS QUO There are variations in how brands manage voting contests, but two models are prevalent: Awarding a prize to the person that collects the most votes for a photo, video, entry, etc. Drawing a prize from a group of people that have garnered the most votes i.e. top 20 vote … [Read more...]

Facebook Strategy Snakes and Ladders

Facebook Strategy Snakes and Ladders Infographic

Over the last couple of years strategies for using Facebook to connect with your audience, market your business and manage your brand have evolved beyond simply posting content to your wall. Here's an old school look at the Dos and Don'ts of managing your organization or brand's Facebook page. Roll the dice and see where you land – and please feel free to drop by the comments and let me know your thoughts on what squares you would add. Originally posted on Social Media Explorer … [Read more...]

Groupon Clear Cutting

groupon clear cut

This visual was inspired by the growing number of anecdotes and articles revolving around Groupon's negative impact on small business. Do you think Groupon and other group buying platforms are a sustainable way for small business owners to build their customer base and increase revenues over the long term? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. … [Read more...]

MBTI and Social Media

social media wheel of fortune

As social media starts to weave itself into the fiber of corporate culture, companies are beginning to recognize the need to make organizational changes in order to evolve as social businesses. One area where this is gaining importance is Human Resources. The emergence of new social media roles and how they are integrated into the structure of an organization can have a huge impact on the success of social business initiatives. As businesses begin to experiment with assembling social media teams some will leverage existing employees, using a corner of the desk approach to gradually embed learning and build capacity, while others will look … [Read more...]