Social Business Leadership Framework

social business leadership framework

Originally posted on Social Media Explorer From a leadership perspective, embedding social business ideas into an organization has less to do with embracing tools and technology than it does with learning how to facilitate and manage culture change. What set of skills do leaders need in their toolbox to effectively lead organizations through the process of adopting social business philosophy? The following framework is inspired by James Kouzes and Barry Posner's Five Practices Model, from their ground breaking book The Leadership Challenge . This post is designed to help leaders understand some of the unique considerations, competencies … [Read more...]

Social Media House of Cards

social media house of cards

Social Media is not a solution for organizations with major infrastructure issues. If anything, social media marketing will be the weight that exposes cracks in leadership, culture, product quality, customer service, etc. Thanks to David Armano for the inspiration - check out his post on how infrastructure is at the core of most organizational issues. Back to Main Blog … [Read more...]

7 Reasons to Launch an Internal Blog Before Going Public

Internal Blog

Originally posted on Social Media Explorer. When we talk about a corporate blog, the first thing that likely comes to mind is a public facing  channel where organizations connect with external audiences. What about internal blogs? There is a lot of learning and risk associated with launching a public facing blog including audience analysis, content strategy, the use of tools, the development of guidelines, understanding best practices and developing implementation discipline. An employee-only blog presents organizations with the opportunity to soft launch their public facing initiative - offering up the ability to develop strategy, … [Read more...]

The Promise of Social Media

social business ecosystem - the promise of social media

The promise of social media is Social Business Design - the use of tools and technology, not as the endgame, but rather as a means of aligning social media and business strategy. A social culture shift has the power to elevate your organization by facilitating: internal/external connectivity the need to deeply understand your audience (the precursor to community development) a collaborative approach to managing your brand But how do we get there? The Next Step for Social Media We're in the early stages of social media strategy - there are still far too many practitioners preaching use of the tools without a connection to … [Read more...]

4 Small Business Lessons from General Motors


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GM recently took out an ad in the Automotive News apologizing to the public and admitting to a series of strategic errors that have led to their current state of affairs. What are some of the lessons small business could learn from GM? 1. Quality GM slogans rang hollow as they continued to allow their product quality to dip below industry standards. Quality is the common denominator - if you are in business, quality is not an always need to deliver on that inherent promise to your customers. Maintaining … [Read more...]

Small Business Interview Series – Executive Coaching, Team Building and Leadership Development

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Coaching is a great way for small business owners to develop leadership skills, build strong teams and grow their organizations. In this instalment of the small business interview series, I speak with leadership and learning specialist Tammy Dewar, Ph.D., Principal at Calliope Learning in Victoria, B.C. The Evolution of Your Small Business Fuels Leadership Learning Can you explain how the evolution of a small business might lead to a need for coaching or team building? “Most small business owners possess a skill set related to whatever … [Read more...]

Small Business Interview Series – Employee Benefits

By Mark Smiciklas Employee benefits are an important topic for many small business owners and managers. In the first installment of an ongoing series, I speak with benefits specialist Rachel von Sturmer, Principal at True Benefits Financial, about employee benefits best practices, trends and challenges. ChallengesWhat are some of the challenges small businesses face when it comes to providing benefits to their employees?"The most common challenges are in setting up the plan, cost, and administration. It’s best to work with a broker who can provide a comparison of quotes from several insurers; that way a small business owner can see … [Read more...]

The Importance of Getting “The Right People On The Bus”

By Mark Smiciklas It's not a stretch to suggest that an organization has a greater chance of achieving success when it employs the right people.  Obviously, the goal of any company is to hire well, but many small businesses mis-step during the process of seeking out the right employees. What are the characteristics of the "right" people? As a small business leader, what ideas do you need to understand and embrace in order to get the right people into your organization? Having the "the right people on the bus" is one of the business concepts discussed by Jim Collins in his book, Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make … [Read more...]

Small Business Change Management

By Mark Smiciklas Change is an ever-present component of small business ownership. The ability for small business owners to effectively manage change lays the groundwork for growth and helps build the foundation for the development of a positive corporate culture. What can small business owners do to make themselves better change leaders? What are the most important factors to consider when managing change? Have a Plan and Take Small Steps Change is something that your small business is sure to experience. A great way to prepare yourself to manage change as a small business owner is to develop a change plan. Take a look at all facets of … [Read more...]

Coaching for Small Business Owners

Business coaching is a relatively new discipline. As a result, many small business owners are probably not aware of the coaching process and why they might consider coaching as a resource to fuel their business growth and personal leadership development. What benefits can a coach bring to you and your small business? Will a coach help you become more effective in the day to day management of your small business? What specific skills or experience should you look for in a business coach? How do you find a business coach? Benefits of Coaching Coaching can offer a number of benefits to those that embrace the possibilities and enter into the … [Read more...]