Content Marketing Strategy Iceberg

content marketing strategy iceberg infographic

I had the opportunity to chat with Martin van der Roest from Content Marketing Examiner about the idea that "strategy has to guide implementation" in a content marketing initiative. An excerpt of the  "Bridge Between Goals and Content Marketing Podcast" interview is posted below: "The strategy phase usually consists of me telling clients to stop what they are doing and take a couple of steps back and start thinking of things from a little different perspective." Not exactly what you'd expect as a first step in strategy planning! Mark Smiciklas, of Intersection Consulting, is a firm believer that goals come before strategy; in fact, goals … [Read more...]

The Science of Infographics

One of the reasons we can process images faster than text is because of how the brain handles information. It processes data from pictures all at once but processes text in a linear manner.

Originally posted on Social Media Explorer One of the primary reasons infographics work well as a communication tool can be linked to eyesight and the neurological connection of our eyes and brain. The dynamics of sight and how we use our eyes to process information present some compelling reasons to consider using infographics to share information and ideas in order to connect with your internal and external audiences. HARD WIRED FOR INFOGRAPHICS Vision directly or indirectly accounts for about 50% of our brain's real estate. An article about the relationship of the eyes and brain in Discover Magazine touches on the expansiveness … [Read more...]

5 Ingredients for a Tasty Content Strategy

content strategy burger

  Originally posted on Social Media Explorer A good content marketing plan contains a number of different elements including theme, audience, tone, publishing channel, etc. But how do all of these components come together to form a cohesive strategy? After reading 6 Layers of Social Media Content Strategy by Jeffrey Cohen over at Radian6, I was inspired to create a visual metaphor that assembles all these content marketing ingredients. Although I agree with the layers discussed in Jeffrey's post, I have a slightly different view about what makes up the ‘meat' of an effective content strategy. Check out the inforgraphic … [Read more...]

The Power of Infographics

The Power of Infographics View more presentations from Mark Smiciklas Originally posted on Social Media Explorer A picture is worth a thousand words. In the digital age, the saying has never been more relevant. To cope with the daily onslaught of information we've become content grazers, skimming headlines and post descriptions for the promise of bite-sized nuggets of information. As brevity becomes more important, infographics present brand journalists with a great opportunity to deliver knowledge, ideas, solutions, etc., in a manner that can be quickly consumed, understood and remembered. Robin Richards, Information Design … [Read more...]

Content is NOT King (or Queen)

content is not king (or queen)

"Content is King" has become a common expression in marketing circles - so when I came across Chris Brogan's Content is Not King blog post, it really resonated with me. We may discount (or forget) the importance of our part of the engagement process. Building a community takes smarts, guts and need to put yourself out there. Your content comes alive through this process...not the other way around. Share Back to MAIN BLOG … [Read more...]