Blog Commenting Guide

Blog Comments Guide

When done properly, leaving comments on other people's blogs can be an effective way for bloggers to build relationships, increase brand awareness and grow readership. This infographic was inspired by The Ultimate Guide to Leaving Comments on Blogs, a great post written by Darren Rowse of Problogger. The visualization: Highlights  the benefits of leaving blog comments Describes the four different personality types of blog commenters Lists the DOs and DON'Ts of effective blog commenting I'd love to get your thoughts. Are there any other points you would add? What are some of your positive or negative experiences with blog … [Read more...]

Content Marketing Strategy Iceberg

content marketing strategy iceberg infographic

I had the opportunity to chat with Martin van der Roest from Content Marketing Examiner about the idea that "strategy has to guide implementation" in a content marketing initiative. An excerpt of the  "Bridge Between Goals and Content Marketing Podcast" interview is posted below: "The strategy phase usually consists of me telling clients to stop what they are doing and take a couple of steps back and start thinking of things from a little different perspective." Not exactly what you'd expect as a first step in strategy planning! Mark Smiciklas, of Intersection Consulting, is a firm believer that goals come before strategy; in fact, goals … [Read more...]

Social Business Strategy DNA

Social Business Strategy Infographic

This infographic was inspired by "The Seven Success Factors of Social Business Strategy", an e-book co-written by Brian Solis and Charlene Li from the Altimeter Group. Using a blend of research and real world client data, Solis and Li have established a social business strategy DNA – a set of strategic characteristics that are common among successful social organizations. The book highlights seven success factors, including social business best practices, pitfalls, and practical exercises to help guide you – all in an easy to consume format (~100 pages). Does your organization have a social business strategy in place? Which of the … [Read more...]

5 Pinterest Tactics That Fuel Retail Sales

5 Pinterest Tactics That Fuel Retail Sales

When it comes to social media, there is an ongoing focus on driving traffic to your digital home bases and outposts such as websites, blogs, and social networks. But how about using these channels to drive traffic to your physical store? In a recent post on Harvard Business Review, Alexandra Samuel presents a series of data-driven Pinterest tactics that drive sales to brick and mortar retail locations. These findings are part of larger study, From Social to Sale: 8 Questions to Ask Your Customers, that offers some great insight on the factors that impact consumer social purchasing decisions. This infographic is designed to summarize the … [Read more...]

5 Key Elements of Viral Content

5 key elements of viral content

This post was originally published on Social Media Explorer The goal of every content marketer is to have his/her information shared across digital channels by their audiences. This is often easier said than done. What factors contribute to people sharing the content they consume online? In researching the content for this infographic I came across a post in my Delicious archive that helps answer this question. Leo Widrich over on the Buffer Blog wrote a great post about what makes content spread. In it, he analyzes some of the elements that helped one particular blog post get over half a million likes. He also references an interesting … [Read more...]